R' PizzA



330-831-6848 (landline outage alternate number)

​104 S Main St.
​Columbiana, OH 44408

​Established 1995

Homemade Pizza

Why R' Pizza Place

is a Better Pizza Place!

​We hope you enjoy R cozy and laid back dining room. We wish to become your perfect "go to" spot. Be sure to check out R very reasonably priced adult beverage menu, we have a nice selection of wines and bottled beer. We have also added some desserts to R menu!


Here in R converted bank we have kept the vaults in place and use one of them to proof R "dough" pun intended. Barb and Dave along with a dedicated crew start bright and early each morning to make the "dough". We mix a minimum of 1300 pounds of dough each week plus R whole wheat dough. R thin and regular crust dough is made from non-bleached, non-bromated high quality flour. R whole wheat dough is a special mixture of whole wheat flour and a pinch of sour dough and a spot of honey, which gives it so much flavor. You can be assured that R ingredients are top notch and fresh. R cheese comes in large blocks that we grind fresh each day (unlike most pizza shops that use pre-ground cheese along with a mixture of fillers). We grind over 600 pounds of Mozzarella Cheese each week. Add in R Swiss, Cheddar and Feta and you could say we are rather "cheesy"!


Dave's own signature tomato sauce recipe is made each day using only the finest tomato products. We are proud to exclusively use Stanislaus tomatoes grown in Modesto California. They are the tomato king! We prepare in excess of 290 gallons of pizza sauce each week, so we R "saucy" too! R fresh garden salads are created from whole heads of nutritious leaf lettuce. We never use pre-bagged, (gassed) lettuce.


At R Pizza Place we make all food to order with the exception of R Pizza Rolls (they are pre-made fresh each morning) and R Pizza by the slice (which we continuously make throughout the day to have ready in a minute's notice). All other pizza, salads, hoagies, sandwiches, and appetizers are made at the time you place your order. Your patience is appreciated. You will taste the difference when quality and freshness come first.


Just a note: Full service dine- in is a fairly new offering in R establishment with 95% of our business still being take-out. R take-out food orders keep us hopping in the kitchen, however R dine in customers R "special" and we gladly treat your order with priority. Your wait time should be similar to any "made from scratch" full
service restaurant. With advance notice (as to have adequate staffing) we are
happy to accommodate your small group on weeknights, Tuesday through Thursday.


Everyone loves their weekend! During Friday and Saturday evenings (because R dining room is small) we reserve the right to limit parties to one hour after your food is served. We cannot accommodate school groups on weekend evenings, nor can we accept phone ahead dine in orders due to limited seating.